The importance for parents Akhilesh Rajak motivationalworld मई 9, 2020 1 Minute This story is realty for modern people .a family live in Allahabad and members only four person. jack and his wife and his father and his mother be four 6th month letter his mother death . it become the reason to do not bear even they upset .than be four 3th month letter jack wife saying jack your father is living here i am not living my modern and happy life than word jack saying his father .than say o k and jack say Dad are you shift ground gairag he say o k son and he is shifted this place . and be four 2th days his father buy 2 voucher and going his hush and press door bell coming his son and his father sad my dear son tack it voucher and say can you and wife go to 10th day long-drive and enjoy your life jack say same word his wife and he is ready to go than here his father is sell his house only 3 billion (this home real price 6 billion )and buy a personal house . and his son any thin sifted a rented flat and pay 1th year rent than be four 10 th days his son is come to the home he look it a watchman his house get he say what are you doing here than watchman say your father is shelled this house and going here and give a mobile number and his son say i’ll coll my dad ‘ the watchman say sir your coll is not connect for his number i will coiling your dad dad pic this coll and say wait dear i ‘ll come their and coming and say son i am buy a new small house and sell it and your any i sifted a flat and pay 1 year rent and are you free enjoy your wife and you happy life so pleas don’t torches parents his man very lucky presented his repents plzz respect your mom Dad TNX FOR … YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ALWAYS ALL HAPPY

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