The power of sacrifice

A man he is very nervous of his life he very sad of any time . than one day meet to a hermit . and hermit is asked to his man why are you sad than man is says his problems and lesion his story and say hermit i am solve your problem if you are carefully lesion my any words .the simple man o k sir as you like his say are you go to rampur and meet a sadhu . and the hermit say according he is go on to his journey mini root covered to evening and he stay queen home at night than queen is asked sir where are you going the man is say mam i ma going to rampur meet a sadhu he is given my question ,answer lesion it and say if you going . are you put up my one question my daughter why is’t talking the man o k mam than sleep . and morning to continue his journey going as going as than crossing a forested aria look it a man and asked where are you going the man is sad his story and the man sad why me loss my any business he say o k sir and going as going at to crossing river how is cross this river and see it a tortoise . and the man is say tortoise bro plzz cross me this river tortoise say o k but one condition man say o k tell me plzz his say I am living to 100 year but not make trig on and condition accepted and crossed river and meet sadhu baba ans his fresh and with sadhu baba and says his problem . sadhu is say o k am salve your question . answer but one condition are you asked me only (3) QUESTION he is say o k . and the man is very confused who’s question drop me than his thinking and drop it his personal questions and asked queen ‘s question , business man question , tortoise question and get any answer . than retain first tortoise are you drop you cover and make trig on . and meet business man are you open your home last room ground and get maximum gold droller diamond any more . and last meet to queen and say queen mam are you marriage your daughter than she is fine queen says o k where are boy for my daughter than thinking he is very fine to my daughter and married his daughter with young man .and the young man is very happy life live his family and salve his any problems.| ( thanks for ….. it dear bro’s )

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