The importance a man of society

A man is prayer to god on a mountain long time the god is presented feel his devotion and asked devotee whats your problem than devotee say god I am not perfect to this society I am very worried than pleas sow me the way . the god is given a red stone and say devotee take this and go to society and know this stone price But one promise don’t sell it devotee say as your obey god than take it and go to market (1) A vegetable seller and asked what are you bye this stone than seller say ok but only 50 kg potato not given max price. (2) next go to a jewelry shop and this question than this honer is say I am given 50 million and not given max price and the devotee say sir am not sell it only i know price this stone this word lesion angry feel the honer and say go to my shop . (3) and last time go to a diamond seller and say this question than this seller is say I am given 1 billion , the devotee is say any more max price 1.5 billion . devotee promise according dues not sell it and take this red stone and go to his first place , and say to god I am going any more places but this stone price is very different a vegetable seller given 50 kg potato and second a jewelry shop he is given 50 million and last a diamond seller he is given 1.5 billion . than God is say my son you are not equal any people in society all the different any people of your importance . Don’t nervous any situations always all happy any time . ( khush raho yaro dukhi rahakar kon sa dukh kam ho jayega )

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