The honesty of society

Long time after a city of his name Canada a small village to live a old women and son . he is very poor than he is live to life depended of a small vegetable and fruits than his life only one helpful his son was any time ills his mother to go troly on fruits and vegetable on the rode than drop it and go to home than eating food and medicine his son . just time a thief see this troly than thieves to steal and a other man see this thief do his work and go to than thief was looking this man and run away . and the honest man setting side of vegetable troly and hope this troly honer to pm 6:30 o clock to comes a old women and take this this troly and go to home . and next day same process s look and he is thinking whats this problem is old women and the honest man asked his women and see was say his any problem the man is very sad lesion his story and take it his vegetable and given maximum money to salve his any problem and his son take it go to hospital treatment any sanded money to honest man and the women was say very very thanks for this and after 10 days his son is healthful and he is go gob in his honest man company and living his happy life,. the honesty is very good corrector of a man . its real story of is life . ( life me yadi hamari wajah se ek bhi family ke muhk pr muskurahat aaye to samjho hamare universe me aana success full hua . so thanks for riding )

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