corona virus

corona virus is very dangerous it’s not normal plzzz safe you and your family and universe( specially my Indian so plzz safe country this is your responsibility Ar you don’t going any where to if virus end than helped for this . ( and you see any other country he is tack it simply than this response Stage 1. 4th march 300 cashes Stage 2. 7th march .500 . stage 3. 14th march 5000 . stage 4th . 15000 . cashes than see it this result IF you thinking my country tampratcher high and we are healthful virus is no more than any where spread for other country so he is very advanced to his sefty his population is not max than max max hospital and any other sefty tools and my country population 1.3 billion so it’s not possible to control corona virus ) I hope are you helped safe society and universe pleas tack for this love you all always all happy you and your family tack care

corona virus&rdquo पर एक विचार;

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