The world greatest in prayagraj triveni sangam

  • The triveni sangam the confection of the Yamuna , Sarswati and Ganga ‘s river’s In hindu tradition triveni sangam is the confluence (Sangam is sanskrit ) ofthree rivers one such triveni sangam in Prayagraj (Allahabad ) has the confluence of three rivers the ganga the yamuna and the sarswsti . The two rivers mention and third sarswati mythical river there was visible identically and can be identified color whater of the Ganga is color white that Yamuna color greenish in color A place religious impotent and the site for historic KHUMBH

MELA held every 12th year and half kumbh mela every 6th year over the year it has also bean the site of immersion of ashierof several national leaders including MAHTMA GANDHI I in 1948

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